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Warp Drive Theory

Warp drive theory is a popular theory that physicists like to debate. So far, the ability to travel through space at warp drive is science fiction, confined to television shows such as Star Trek and not possible in real life. Nevertheless, physicists often enjoy exploring the possibility of traveling through space at warp drive and situations in which a warp drive speed would work.

Warp drive theories

Although the concept of warp drive is theoretical, theories about warp drive usually have a basis in science, such as physics. Warp drive theories generally involve a combination of superstring and multi-dimensional theory in which warp speed is possible provided that a huge supply of energy is available. Although the question of how to generate such a vast supply of energy has not been answered yet, the theory presupposes that scientists can generate enough energy to create a "bubble" in space. The spacecraft would travel in this bubble through space, with the extra dimensions in front of it being scientifically crushed and the dimensions behind it being expanded. According to these theories, it is not the futuristic spacecraft itself that is traveling faster than the speed of light, but instead the bubble that is traveling rapidly through space.

Warp drive realities

Scientists have not yet found a way to support travel through space at warp drive speed. The desire to attain this goal is great because realistic and practical space travel is not possible without the ability to travel faster than the speed of light. The distances across the universe are so great that the travel would either take too long or involve too much fuel to be practical if the speed could not be accelerated to warp drive or beyond. An obstacle to warp drive speed, however, lies in the radiation that would be produced if either a spacecraft or a "bubble" were to travel at such a high speed. Hawking radiation would be produced as horizons form at the front and rear of the bubble. This radiation would result in the death of any occupants of the spacecraft due to the extremely high temperatures generated with such speeds.

Although warp drive theories are interesting to contemplate and theorize as well as to read about in science fiction novels, science cannot yet translate these theories into reality. So, for the time being, do not count on traveling on a spacecraft like the Starship Enterprise.