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Building Toy Roller Coasters with Spacewarp

Building toy roller coasters with Spacewarp was lots of fun back in the 1980s. People built their own creations or used the ideas included in the package. Now, this classic toy is back and imported from Japan by ThinkGeek.

Setting up the track

Cut lengths of track to the proper dimension out of a roll of heavy plastic tubing. Form these into loops and turns kept secure by rail holders that hook to metal rods held upright in a black plastic case. Steel balls zoom around the curves and loops on the track and onto a battery-powered conveyor, which sends them up, corkscrew style back to the top to begin once more.

More instructions

The newest incarnation of the coaster, the Space Warp 5000 is a Japanese import and the directions for putting the coaster together are in Japanese. This is not a crisis, though, because there are ample illustrations provided. Correct track lengths are required so although the measurements are given in metric, conversion is needed or a metric measuring device. Allow ample time for assembling the Spacewarp 5000. It is important that the track segments are done properly in order for the balls to remain on the track.

Product details

There are 125 pieces in the Spacewarp 5000 for creating original track arrangements or ones that are included with the package. It is an all-inclusive product, except for one C battery which is not included. All assembled, the track is approximately 2.25 feet across.

Toy roller coaster building is a great project that provides hours of fun, satisfaction and enjoyment for coaster enthusiasts and hobbyists.